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Volume 26, Number 3 / 2005


CHARLES CROS    Délabrement /  Lendemain (Day After) /  Avenir (Future)/  Tsigane (translated by John Kinsella)

MICHALLE GOULD    Where there are doors, there are colors of doors . . .

CECILY PARKS   A Blessing for Stocked Fish /  Miss Peecher’s Rivers

KARIN GOTTSHALL   The Revenant / Whether

RICHARD KENNEY   To Biographical Critics and Confessional Poets / Abettors of Entropy


FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA   from Poem of the Gypsy Siguiriya: Landscape/ The Guitar / The Cry / The Silence / Siguiriya’s Way / After Passing / And Then / (translated by Ralph Angel)


NICHOLAS SAMARAS   Who by Leaving / Resurrection as Pencil and Handwriting

RICK BAROT    Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It

COREY MARKS   Three Bridges

DIANE KIRSTEN MARTIN    The Year the Fathers Went Missing / Inky Pinky / Was You Ever Bit by a Dead Bee?

G. C. WALDREP    The Resurrection: Sweden


GREGORY SPATZ   Any Landlord’s Dream

AURELIE SHEEHAN   Horse, Girl, Landscape

JANET KAUFFMAN   Monitoring: 10 Spot Samples

ARNOLD RABIN   Brahms Second, in Color

TOM YORI   In Excelsis

ROY KESEY   Follow the Money

Literary Lives

STEVEN G. KELLMAN    The Education of Henry Roth


A. J. SHERMAN    Schools for Scandal

MICHAEL HELLER   Ezra Pound’s Gothic Designs on History


GARY ADELMAN   Old Age and Beckett: A Partial Autobiography

Cultural History

ROY ADKINS   The World After Trafalgar

VOLTAIRE    The Lisbon Earthquake

Contributors’ Notes

cover art this issue by Jessica Watson