Volume 29, Number 4 / 2008


RON DE MARIS      Bonefish Flats
ELIOT KHALIL WILSON      Origin Blues: An Elegy
D. A. POWELL      College City Market, College City, CA
MARK BIBBINS      Arriving in Your New Country /  Dilemma
GEORGE LOONEY      How a Bus Terminal’s Like a Jukebox /  Harmonicas and Blue Skies
ALEX LEMON      Most
SARAH MURPHY      The Loose Ends, the Loopholes, the Uncounted Loot  /  Letter to the Past After Long Silence
SARA JOHNSON      View From the Fence, on Which I Sit and Dangle My Legs
PAISLEY REKDAL      Tango Lesson  /    All Moon
RACHEL HADAS      Dreams in a Damp House   /   The Stack
ROSS WHITE       Two Swans
PETER PEREIRA      Autopsy: What Was Found There   /  Transplant

JON MCMILLAN      The Fishman of Point Cripp
THOMAS GOUGH      Talk with Men
THEA GOODMAN      Evidence
BEVERLY JENSEN       Pan-Fried
RACHEL CANTOR       Tibet, New York
DWIGHT ALLEN      The Baby and the Moth

Cultural History
FREDERICK BROWN       Eiffel’s Tower

ROBIN MAGOWAN       French Visionary Travelers: Michaux, Segalen, Bouvier

JAY SCOTT MORGAN      Last of Her Tribe

FIONA SHAW       Many Happy Days

JEAN DE LA FONTAINE      Selected Fables (translated by CRAIG HILL)

Reader’s Notebook
MICHAEL R. KATZ      War and Peace in Our Time

WILLIAM S. WALSH      Carnival King

Cover Artist:      Gregory Dolnikowski

Contributors’ Notes