Volume 31, Number 4 / 2010–11

A Note of Gratitude

In this period of significant financial challenges to New England Review, many people have come forward to offer their strong support. All of us at NER would like to express our sincere thanks to the friends who have sustained us—authors, subscribers, and general readers—and we want especially to indicate our deep indebtedness to the numerous donors who over the course of the past year and a half have made it possible for us to come closer to our goal of meeting the expenses necessary to produce a magazine that has been consistently recognized as one of the most distinguished in the nation. Middlebury College’s senior administration has sought funds from potential donors and has enabled the Office of College Advancement to assist us in our own fundraising efforts, and we have also secured the support of the National Endowment for the Arts in the form of a grant to be used next year to spread the word about our publication and increase our base of subscribers. At this point, in keeping with our promise, we present the names of the financial donors whose contributions have been processed by the close of 2010. Their gifts have helped to insure the continuing publication of NER, and we are immensely grateful for the generosity and confidence that they have demonstrated.
Stephen Bowen
George L. Cady, Jr.
Nicholas Clifford
Elizabeth Gray
Madeleine & George Kuckel
Sydney Lea
Paul Marston
Francis-Noël Thomas
C. Dale Young

Anonymous (2)
James Arthur
Jeffery Bahr
Harriet Bakken
Kit Basquin
Charles Baxter
Elizabeth &
Matthew Beacom
Cynthia & Steven Bensen
Raymond & Shirley Benson
Artis Bernard
Holly Beatty & J. Christopher Bernene
John A. Bertolini
Reginald D. Betts
Cathy Blackburn
Lorna Blake
Lisa Boohar
Elvira & Michael Bowe
Daniel Breen &
James Burnett
Eric Breitbart
Robert T. Brewer
Kristen Peterjohn &
Joseph W. Brown
Beverly Burch
Charles Butterfield
William T. Carroll
Brock Clarke
Michael Coffey
Katherine Branch & Michael Collier
Robert Collier
Andrew Deckert
Lexa deCourval
Richard DeNiord
Emmie &
Stephen Donadio
Stephanie Dosch
Sandra Brodkin Dreis
Maudelle Driskell
Murray Dry
Constance & Paul Dry
Lynn Dunton &
Charles Biss
Elizabeth &
Peter Erdmann
Pamela Erens
Justin Evans
Prescott Evarts, Jr.
Jonathan Farmer
Janis Finelli &
Ned Farquhar
Evelyn & James Feagin
Susan Ferraro
Thomas M. Fitzgerald
Richard Foerster

Ann Gateley
Margaret &
Robert Gibbons
Alison Glassie
Peter Gloviczki
Gisele & Chris Gonzalez
Molly Barnes Goodman
Thea Goodman
James H. Gorski
Linda Gregerson
Jennifer Grotz
Christian Gullette
Rachel Hadas
Hillary & A. David Hamilton, Jr.
Julie Hansen
Robert Hardy
Ehud Havazelet
Tom Healy
Sakal Heng
Bob Hicok
James Hoch
Deborah &
David Holloway
Rebecca & John Hsu
Lucy & Simeon Hutner
Luke Johnson
Mace C. Justice
Elianna Kan
Laura Kasischke
Patricia Kearns
Dimiter Kenarov
Stephen Kiernan
Jumi Kim
Felix Kloman
Gregory Knapp
Joann Kobin
Allison Stanger &
Michael Kraus
Carolyn Kuebler
Monica & Peter Kuebler
Judy Labensohn
Bethany Ladimer
Kristin Lee &
James S. Huston
David Lehman
Leo Burnett Company, Inc.
Tyler Lifton
Lisa Liston
Margot Livesey
Charles Logan
Catherine & David Ludlow
Alexandra MacGowan
Karin & Jeffrey Maddox
Andrea Magee
Janet Maodush
Corey Marks
Benjamin Martin
Jynne Martin
Bonnie & John M.
McCardell, Jr.
Mireille Barbaud- McWilliams
& John P. McWilliams, Jr.
Polly & Timothy S. Meckel
Michael Milburn
Thomas Moran
Karen Granda &
John Mrowiec

Sharon Mussomeli
Paul E. Nelson
Anne & Sean O’Brien
Megan O’Keefe
Robert Oldshue
Nancy A. Olson
Lori Ostlund &
Anne Raeff
Dennis Parker
Peter Pereira
Ellen Rachel &
David Perlman
Andrew Peterson
Charles Phillips
Patrick Phillips
John B. Pinder III
Kenneth Pohlman
Eileen Pollack
William H. Porter
Glen Pourciau
Rebecca Purdum
Sharon Radabaugh
Octavia Randolph
Mary Rechner
Franklin D. Reeve
Jonathan Reiber
Cheryl Faraone &
Richard Romagnoli
Linda Saarnijoki
Ira Sadoff
Fred Sasaki
Robert S. Schine
Anne Schott
Dale Hawkes &
Campbell B. Seamans
Chaitali Sen
Susan Kavanagh & Christopher Shaw
Megan Shea
A. J. Sherman
Norman Siegel
Jay Silverman
Henry Simonds
Norman K. Smith
Elizabeth Spires
David Stahl
Michele & Robert Stepto
Sarah R. Stern
Barry Sternlieb
Peggy & John Stoll
Jeneva Burroughs Stone
Susan Stropko
Michele Surat
Louise Taft
Robert W. Thomas
Matthew Thorburn
Angela Torres
June Trask
Catherine Tudish
Susan & Roberto Veguez
Kara Ryan Vinton
Ellen Bryant Voigt
Sidney Wade
Terry Fromson & Jonathan Walters
Christian Wiman
Valerie Wohlfeld
Mark T. Wright
Clara Yu