Pleasure (2011) by Richard Teare

Horse and Rider (2010) by Melissa Range

Double Shadow (2011) by Carl Phillips

The Iron Key (2010) by James Longenbach

The Ache of Appetite (2010) by Rachel Hadas

Framed in Silence (2011) by Lynn Domina

(2010) by Paul Muldoon

Every Riven Thing
(2010) by Christian Wiman

Master of Disguises
(2010) by Charles Simic

The Iron Key
(2010) by James Longenbach

Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been: New and Selected Poems
(2010) by Chase Twitchell

Early Collected Poems, 1965-1992
(2010) by Gerald Stern

Holding Company
(2010) by Major Jackson

Striking Surface
(2010) by Jason Schneiderman

Grace, Fallen From
(2010) by Marianne Boruch

Fancy Beasts (2010) by Alex Lemon

Harm's Way (2010) by Eric Leigh

Beckmann Variations & Other Poems
(2010) by Michael Heller

The Standing Wave
(2010) by Gabriel Spera

The Alchemist's Kitchen
(2010) by Susan Rich

(2010) by Nicole Cooley

Ornament of Asia (2010) by Alice Kavounas

Pierce the Skin
(2010) by Henri Cole

Like a Sea (2010) by Samuel Amadon

View from a Temporary Window
(2010) by Joanie Mackowski

Ohio Violence
(2009) by Alison Stine

0, 0: Poems
(2010) by Amit Majmudar

The Dance of No Hard Feelings (2009 by Mark Bibbins

The Mansion of Happiness (2009) by Robin Ekiss

Drive by Heart (2009) by Michael Milburn

The Dance of No Hard Feelings (2009) by Mark Bibbins

Stranger (2009) by Laura Sims

Map of the Folded World (2009) by John Gallaher

Inseminating the Elephant (2009) by Lucia Perillo

Map of the Folded World (2009) by John Gallaher

And So (2009) by Joel Brouwer

Midnight Voices (2009) by Deborah Ager

Speak Low (2009) by Carl Phillips

Archicembalo (2009) by G. C. Waldrep

Assembly (2009) by Novica Tadic

Chronic (2009) by D. A. Powell

The Swallow Anthology of New American Poets (2009) ed. David Yezzi

The Greek Poets: Homer to Present (2009) ed. Rachel Hadas

Eschaton (2009) by Michael Heller

Parable Hunter (2008) by Ricardo Pau-llosa

The Wave-Maker (2008) by Elizabeth Spires

Hymn of Ash (2008) by George Looney

Majestic Nights: Love Poems of Bengali Women (2008) by Carolyne Wright

Fishing in the Devonian (2008) by Carol Jenkins

Please (2008) by Jericho Brown

Keep This Forever (2008) by Mark Halliday

Without Saying (2008) by Richard Howard

Ghost Alphabet (2008) by Al Maginnes

Salvinia Molesta (2008) by Victoria Chang

Savage Machinery (2008) by Karen Rigby

Azores: Poems (2008) by David Yezzi

The History of Anonymity (2008) by Jennifer Chang

Hardscrabble (2008) by Kevin McFadden

Boy (2008) by Patrick Phillips

Field Folly Snow (2008) by Cecily Parks

Want: Poems (2008) by Rick Barot

Seven Notebooks (2008) by Campbell McGrath

Brenda Is in the Room (2008) by Craig Teicher

Quiver of Arrows: Selected Poems, 1986-2006 (2007) by Carl Phillips

What's Written on the Body (2007) by Peter Pereira

Why Speak?: Poems (2007) by Nathaniel Bellows

At the Drive-In Volcano (2007) by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Crocus (2007) by Karin Gottshall

Quantum Lyrics (2007) by A. Van Jordan

Fragment of the Head of a Queen (2007) by Cate Marvin

Miscreants (2007) by James Hoch

Mars Being Red (2007) by Marvin Bell

Quiver of Arrows: Selected Poems, 1986–2006 (2007) by Carl Phillips

Magnetic North (2007) by Linda Gregerson

Classics (2007) by Rachel Hadas

The Invention of the Kaleidoscope (2007) by Paisley Rekdal

The Second Person (2007) by C. Dale Young

The Elephant's Child: New & Selected Poem 1978-2005 (2006) by Steve Orlen

Blue Colonial (2006) by David Roderick

Snow House (2006) by Brian Swann

Mosquito (2006) by Alex Lemon

Evidence of Things Seen (2006) by Richard Wollman

The River of Forgetfulness (2006) by Rachel Hadas

Red Summer (2006) by Amaud Jamaul Johnson

Hoops (2006) by Major Jackson

Algonquin Spirit (2005) by Brian Swann

Midwest Eclogue (2005) by David Baker

Part of the Bargain (2005) by Scott Hightower

Slag (2005) by Mark Sullivan

Attilio Bertolucci's Winter Journey (2005) trans. by Nicholas Benson

The Whispering Gallery (2005) by William Logan

Lions and Acrobats (2005) by Anatoly Naiman, trans. by F. D. Reeve

Sundays on the Phone (2005) by Mark Rudman

The Spirit Level (2005) by David Barber

Resin (2005) by Geri Doran

Fallen From a Chariot (2005) by Kevin Prufer

The Eclipses (2005) by David Woo

The Book of Faces (2005) by Joe Campana

Film History (2005) by Al Maginnes

One of the Cimaroles (2005) by Carla Panciera

Bellini in Istanbul (2005) by Lillias Bever

Morning Prayer (2005) by Eve Grubin

Autumn Road (2005) by Brian Swann

The Quick (2005) by Katrina Roberts

My Father on a Bicycle (2005) by Patricia Clark

90 Miles: Selected and New Poems (2005) by Virgil Suarez

The New Arcadia: Poems (2005) by John Kinsella

Circle (2005) by Victoria Chang

Pax Atomica (2004) by Campbell McGrath

Dog Angel (2004) by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Chattahoochee (2004) by Patrick Phillips

Gardening in the Dark (2004) by Laura Kasischke

Waterborne (2004) by Linda Gregerson

Asian American Poetry: The Next Generation (2004) edited by Victoria Chang

Laws (2004) by Rachel Hadas

Poems (2004) by John Poch

The Orchard (2004) by Brigit Pegeen Kelly

Forbidden Words (2003) translated by Alexis Levitin

Charlie Johnson in the Flames (2003) by Michael Ignatieff

Desesperanto (2003) by Marilyn Hacker

Precipitates (2003) by Debra Kang Dean

Cusp (2003) by Jennifer Grotz

The Museum of Happiness (2003) by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Barter (2003) by Ira Sadoff

Peripheral Light: Selected & New Poems (2003) by John Kinsella

I Will Say Beauty (2003) by Carol Frost

Middle Earth (2003) by Henri Cole

Barter (2003) by Monica Youn

Harm (2003) by Miles Wilson

Otherhood (2003) by Reginald Shepherd








You Don't Love This Man (2011) by Dan DeWeese

Job: The Story of a Simple Man by Joseph Roth, translated by Ross Benajamin (2011)

Pieces for Small Orchestra and Other Fictions
(2011) by Norman Lock

The Bigness of the World
(2010) by Lori Ostlund

The Raising
(2011) by Laura Kasischke

Lucky Fish
(2011) by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

The Iron Key
(2010) by James Longenbach

Greetings from Below (2011) by David Philip Mullins

School for Tricksters
(2011) by Chris Gavaler

Portraits of a Few People I've Made Cry
(2010) by Christine Sneed

Hart's Grove
(2010) by Dennis McFadden

Here Comes Another Lesson: Stories (2010) by Stephen O'Connor

The Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay (2010) by Beverly Jensen

Bliss and Other Short Stories (2010) by Ted Gilley

Exley (2010) by Brock Clarke

The Passages of H.M. (2010) by Jay Parini

Gryphon: New and Selected Stories (2010) by Charles Baxter

Death Is Not an Option (2010) by Suzanna Rivecca

Walks With Men
(2010) by Ann Beattie

Call It What You Want
(2010) by Keith Lee Morris

After the Workshop
(2010) by John McNally

Tell it to the Bees (2010) by Fiona Shaw

Good for the Jews (2009) by Debra Spark

The Typewriter Satyr (2009) by Dwight Allen

Jarrettsville (2009) by Cornelia Nixon

Amatuer Barbarians (2009) by Robert Cohen

The Departure Lounge (2009) by Paul Eggers

The New Valley (2009) by Josh Weil

All That I Have (2009) by Castle Freeman Jr.

All Over (2009) by Roy Kesey

Amerika: The Missing Person (2008) translated by Mark Harman

Out of My Skin (2008) by John Haskell

One Dog Happy (2008) by Molly McNett

Invite (2008) by Glen Pourciau

Out Loud (2008) by Anthony Varallo

Hyperion (2008) translated by Ross Benjamin

Close to Jedenew (2008) translated by Ross Benjamin

Trespassing: Dirt Stories and Field Notes (2008) by Janet Kauffman

Go With Me (2008) by Castle Freeman Jr.

The Soul Thief (2008) by Charles Baxter

An Irresponsible Age (2007) by Lavinia Greenlaw

Terminal Vibrato and Other Stories (2007) by Stanford Pritchard

Quinnehtukqut (2007) by Joshua Harmon

An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England (2007) by Brock Clarke

Human Resources: Stories (2007) by Josh Goldfaden

Part of the World (2007) by Robert Lopez

History Lesson for Girls (2006) by Aurelie Sheehan

Alternative Atlanta (2006) by Marshall Boswell

America's Report Card (2006) by John McNally

Fiddler's Dream (2006) by Gregory Spatz

Nothing in the World (2006) by Roy Kesey

Drowning in Gruel (2006) by George Singleton

Which Brings Me to You (2006) by Steve Almond and Julianna Baggott

Carrying the Torch (2005) by Brock Clarke

Adriane on the Edge (2005) by Paul Mandelbaum

Flood Summer (2005) by Trenton Lee Stewart

Land of the Snow Men (2005) by Norman Lock, writing as George Belden

Madonna of Las Vegas (2005) by Gregory Blake Smith

Five on Fiction (2005) by Janet Kauffman

American Purgatorio (2005) by John Haskell

Best Seats in the House & Other Stories (2005) by Keith Lee Morris

Candy Freak (2005) by Steve Almond

The Mercy of Thin Air (2005) by Ronlyn Domingue

A Long Long Way (2005) by Sebastian Barry

My Sister Life (2005) by F. D. Reeve

The Thin Tear in the Fabric of Space (2005) by Douglas Trevor

Trance (2005) by Christopher Sorrentino

Anxiety of Everyday Objects (2004) by Aurelie Sheehan

Garrett in Wedlock (2004) by Paul Mandelbaum

The Forest Love (2004) by Susan Vreeland

What You've Been Missing (2004) by Janet Desaulniers

Corpus Christi: Stories (2004) by Bret Anthony Johnston

The Book of Ralph (2004) by John McNally

The Pearl of Kuwait (2004) by Tom Paine

The Crazed (2004) by Ha Jin

The Beginning of Calamities (2003) by Tom House

Wilderness Run (2003) by Maria Hummel

The Bones of Garbo (2003) by Trudy Lewis

The Noonday Cemetery and Other Stories (2003) translated by Bill Johnston

The Greyhound God (2003) by Keith Lee Morris

The Half-Mammals of Dixie (2003) by George Singleton

Emporium: Stories (2003) by Adam Johnson

Woman Made of Sand (2003) by Joann Kobin

My Life in Heavy Metal (2003) by Steve Almond

The Varieties of Romantic Experience: Stories (2003) by Robert Cohen




Sempre Susan: A Memoir of Susan Sontag (2011) by Sigrid Nunez

Clear and Simple as the Truth
(2011, second edition) by Francis-Noël Thomas and Mark Turner

Strange Relation: A Memoir of Marriage, Dementia, and Poetry (2011) byRachel Hadas

The Indignant Generation: A Narrative History of African-American Writers and Critics, 1934-1960 (2010) by Lawrence P. Jackson

Elizabeth Bishop and the New Yorker: The Complete Correspondence
(2011) by Joelle Biele

The Inevitable: Contemporary Writers Confront Death
(2011) by David Shields and Bradford Morrow

Art of Description
(2010) by Mark Doty

Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life
(2010) by Steve Almond

Reality Hunger: A Manifesto (2010) by David Shields

For the Soul of France: Culture Wars in the Age of Dreyfus
(2010) by Frederick Brown

Happy: A Memoir
(2009) by Alex Lemon

Our Savage Art: Poetry and the Civil Tongue (2009) by William Logan

The Importance of Music to Girls (2009) by Lavinia Greenlaw

The Friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson (2009) by Brenda Wineapple

A Paradise Built in Hell (2009) by Rebecca Solnit

The Thing About Life is That One Day You'll Be Dead (2009) by David Shields

Not That You Asked: Rants, Exploits, and Obsessions (2008) by Steve Almond

Paintings in Proust: A Visual Companion to In Search of Lost Time (2008) by Eric Karpeles

Sister Brother: Gertrude and Leo Stein (2008) by Brenda Wineapple

The Art of the Poetic Line (2008) by James Longenbach

Luncheon of the Boating Party (2008) by Susan Vreeland

The Big Lebowski (2007) by J. M. Tyree

W.G. Sebald: History, Memory, Trauma (2006) eds. Scott Denham & Mark McCulloh

Telegrams of the Soul (2005) by Peter Altenberg

My Body and I (2005) by Rene Crevel

Consuming Silences: How We Read Authors Who Don't Publish (2005) by Myles Weber

A Field Guide to Getting Lost (2005) by Rebecca Solnit

Afflicted Girls (2004) by Nicole Cooley

Candyfreak: A Journey Through the Chocolate Underbelly of America (2004) by Steve Almond.

Flight of Fantasy: New Perspectives on Inner Emigration in German Literature, 1933-1945 (2003) translated by Damon O. Rarick

The Healing Art: A Doctor's Black Bag of Poetry (2003) by Rafael Campo

Up Society's Ass Copper: Rereading Philip Roth (2003) by Mark Shechner

Middlebrow Annoyances (2003) by Myles Weber

River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West (2003) by Rebecca Solnit 

The Growing Seasons (2003) by Samuel Hynes

The Pleasure of Influence: Conversations with American Male Writers (2003) by Rob Trucks



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