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Vol. 18 #3: includes essays by Carol Frost and Rachel Hadas, fiction by Sigrid Nunez and Ehud Havazelet, and poetry by Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Charles Wright, and Dabney Stuart.

Vol. 18 #4: includes new translations of poetry by Eugenio Montale, an interview with James Dickey, fiction by Janet Desaulniers and Padgett Powell, and poetry by Henri Cole, Rachel Hadas, and J. D. McClatchy.

Vol. 19#1: includes an interview with William Kennedy, reports from Greenwich Village and the American South, fiction by Victor Walter and Christian Abouzeid, and poetry by Debora Greger, Eric Pankey, and Robert Richman.

Vol. 19#2: includes an interview with Charles Johnson, three monologues by David Auburn, fiction from Robert Cohen, Chaim Potok, and Judith Grossman, and poetry from George Looney, William Logan, and Nina Cassian.

Vol. 19#3: includes an essay by André Brink, a report from Chicago, fiction from Steve Stern and George Singleton, and poetry from Ha Jin, Carl Phillips, and Greg Williamson.

Vol. 19#4: includes a new translation of Chekhov, a report from Beijing, fiction from Cornelia Nixon and Castle Freeman, Jr., and poetry from Carol Frost, Linda Gregerson, and Karl Kirchwey.

Vol. 20#1: includes a report from Prague, a look at the MoMA's Jackson Pollack exhibit, fiction from Philip Baruth and Christopher Shaw, and poetry from Reginald Shepherd, Elizabeth Spires, and Sandor Csoori.

Vol. 20#2: includes an interview with Ivan Klima, a report from Seattle, fiction from Eric Darton and Kirk Nesset, and poetry from Nicole Cooley, Daniel Halpern, and Natasha Tretheway.

Vol. 20#3: includes an interview with Norman Mailer, three essays by Jorge Luis Borges, fiction from Tom Paine and Nancy Reisman, and poetry from Carl Phillips, Lynne McMahon, and Sidney Wade.

Vol. 20#4: includes an interview with Arnost Lustig, an essay on the 1999 Venice Biennale, fiction from Debra Spark and Molly Best Tinsley, and poetry from W. S. Di Piero, Michael Collier, and Carol Frost.

Vol. 21#1: includes a special poetry feature, A New Generation: Poems for the Next Century, featuring poems from Natasha Tretheway, David Yezzi, and Sue Kwock Kim, among others. Also: fiction from Brock Clarke and Steve Almond, and an interview with W. D. Snodgrass.

Vol. 21#2: includes essays on David Mamet and John Collier; a review of four recent guides to poetry, fiction from Peter LaSalle and Dwight Allen, and poetry from Agha Shahid Ali, Jane Hirshfield, and Khaled Mattawa.

Vol. 21#3: includes a new translation of Tocqueville's Democracy in America; essays on Beckett, Updike, and Kafka; fiction from Brock Clarke and Trudy Lewis; and poetry from Debora Greger, Andrew Hudgins, and Rafael Campo.

Vol. 21#4: includes a report from India; an excerpt from Graham Robb's new biography of Rimbaud; fiction from Madison Smartt Bell and Robert Cohen; and poetry from Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Susan Hahn, and Karl Kirchwey.

Vol. 22#1: includes essays on Malcolm Lowry, David Hare, and Hugh Steers; fiction from Don Lee and Carolyn Cooke; and poetry from Margaret Gibson, Reginald Shepherd, and Mark Irwin.

Vol. 22#2: includes Saul Bellow and Keith Botsford's dialogue on literary magazines; essays from R.W.B. Lewis and Rachel Hadas; fiction from Chuck Kinder and Eric Darton; and poetry from Cate Marvin, Eric Pankey, and Marilyn Hacker.

Vol. 22#3: includes a conversation with Richard Rodriguez; essays from Ilan Stavans and Ginger Strand; fiction from Padgett Powell and Michael Russell; and poetry from Linda Gregerson, John Canaday, and Katherine Soniat.

Vol. 22#4: includes new translations of Isaac Babel; essays from William H. Prichard and Ira Sadoff; fiction from Steve Almond and Margo Rabb; and poetry from Carol Frost, Jennifer Grotz, and David Baker.

Vol. 23#1: includes new translations of Italo Svevo and Joseph Roth; essays from George Edwards and Ivan Kraus; fiction from Peter Cameron and Keith Lee Morris; and poetry from Susan Hahn, Carl Phillips, and Adam Zagajewski.

Vol. 23#2: includes new translations of Attilio Bertolucci and Natalia Ginzburg; essays from Jodi Daynard and Myles Weber; fiction from Edward Hardy and Patricia Halloff; and poetry from Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Kevin Prufer, and Suzanne Matson.

Vol. 23#3: includes The Art of War: a new translation; essays from David Baker, Robyn Sarah, and Wallace Stegner; fiction from Doug Trevor, Rachel Cantor, and Dennis McFadden; and poetry from Henri Cole, Eric Pankey, and Lawrence Raab.

Vol. 23#4: includes a play by Ladislav Smocek; essays from Paul Muldoon, P. F. Kluge, and Cornelius Partsch; fiction from Joan Leegant, Michael Lowenthal, and Norman Lock; and poetry from John Kinsella, Pimone Triplett, and Kimberly Johnson.

Vol. 24#1: includes a new translation of Tolstoy's "After the Ball; essays from Maud Ellmann, Ralph James Savarese, and Jeff Tietz; fiction from Steve Amick, Lucia Nevai, and Josh Goldfaden; and poetry from Mary Cornish, Maurya Simon, and Jesse Lee Kercheval.

Vol. 24#2: includes an excerpt from Philip Callow's new biography of D. H. Lawrence; essays from Marc Estrin, Rachel Hadas, and Diane Ravitch; fiction from George Singleton, Jonathan Wilson, and Trenton Lee Stewart; and poetry from Geoff Brock, Quan Barry, and Susan Hahn.

Vol. 24#3: includes an excerpt from the first English translation of Andre Gide's Judge Not, translated by Benajmin Ivry; essays from Mark Schechner, A. J. Sherman, and J. M. Tyree; fiction from Steve Almond, Brock Clarke, and Jane Mullen; and poetry from Rachel Hadas, Richard Blanco, and Chard DeNiord; and much more.

Vol. 24#4: includes a short essay by Fyodor Dostoevsky, translated by Michael R. Katz; essays from David Castronovo, Myles Weber, and William Collins Donahue; fiction from John McNally, Sheila Mulligan, and Keith Lee Morris, and poetry by Charles Simic, Brigit Pegeen Kelly, and Linda Bierds; and much more.

Vol. 25 #1&2: includes works translated from a dozen languages, in all genres, and spanning a thousand years. Poetry by Lucia Perillo, Patrice de La Tour du Pin, and Umberto Saba; fiction by Witold Gombrowicz, Vladimir Jabotinksy, and Trudy Lewis; reflections on translation by Ronald Knox, Harold G. Henderson, and Dick Davis; essays by Michael Ignatieff and Peter Abelard, among many others. (2004) (counts as two issues)

Vol. 25 #3: includes Edward Alexander's extensive essay on Lionel Trilling and Irving Howe; essays by Robert S. Schine, Jay Scott Morgan, and Rob Hardy; poetry by Victoria Chang, Stephen Dunn, and Ellen Bryant Voigt; and fiction by Ruth Hamel, John Haskell, and Barbara Pierce. (2004)

Vol. 25, #4: includes Frederick Brown on Flaubert's journey to the Middle East, an essay on Thoreau and Gaddis by J. M. Tyree, Joshua Harmon on obsessive record collecting, and other essays; fiction by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers, Molly McNett, F. D. Reeve, Lorraine Lupo, and others; poetry by Debora Greger, Jane Hirshfield, Carl Phillips, Natahsa Trethewey, and others. (2004)

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